What I do as a tarot reader is a continuation of the ancient practice of the Greek mantis. The ancient mantis (seers) were experts in the art/craft of divination, practitioners of mantike techne.

There are many parallels between the roles an ancient seer fulfilled and what today’s tarot readers preform. The mantis switch between many hats, they played the role of psychic, fortune-teller, holistic healer, personal counselor and confidant. However, the mantis did not claim supernatural abilities to foretell the future, independent of the gods which inspired them.

My role as a tarot reader, what I do, what I offer is much like the ancient mantis. I am a person which you can confide in and speak openly about the questions and issues of concern in your life. Together, we will consult the cards and seek to understand the issues in new clarity and insight.

As a tarot reader, I do not claim to possess psychic abilities or any supernatural power other than my ability to read the tarot. This ability, is a techne, a craft, skill or art which, over years of study and practice I am able to development and hone.

I invite you to participate an ancient tradition, the art of divination, the mantike techne. Come along with me and let’s see what insights can be gained.

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